How my project fits Sophocles’ books

So in response after reading all three of Sophocles’ plays I wrote a little book. This book answers an essential question that I had through all three plays. “What’s the meaning of life?” Oedipus and Antigone both led very difficult lives. Oedipus is the victim of the gods’ curse and Antigone sacrifices herself to bury her brother. However, what interested me was that Oedipus even when exiled still manages to care for someone other than himself. The same thing applies to Antigone as she selflessly decides to perform what is honorable than what is “right”.

I thought about these two people as I asked the question and as I started to answer it myself. In my story (the art might not be the best), there are two characters, a homeless man who can play the fiddle and a girl. The man and the girl do not have the best social skills in the world. The girl tries to get the man to do something for her in exchange for a quarter. The man comes up with nefarious schemes to avoid that. In the end, a sudden departure of the girl leaves the man wondering what to do.  She leaves him a post card thanking him for everything that he’s done and finally rewards him with the quarter.  The man had options, a whole lot of them.  Now that the girl has gone, he could resume being a homeless bum. Wait, that’s not a good thing. He’s in a predicament, but he finally makes up his mind. With or without his best friend, he’ll keep playing his fiddle. That’s what allowed him to meet her and that’s probably what she would have wanted. To him, he’s finally understands the way life works now. Why everyone should make a big deal on living.  You shouldn’t live life just because you have to, then to you, happiness and relationships seem to inevitably fail. The meaning of life comes from the things you do and the people  you meet. It’s only through them that you gain a reason to keep pushing against the endless current that is life.


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