Am I alone on this server?

hoohooI’m two different people in real life; the creepy stranger you only see in midnight showings of horror films or the hopeless romantic with an array of bad puns. It’s this epic fight inside an already cramped head on who I should be, which to the outside world looks like a warm smile. The freaky kind, think Joker with a crowbar.

First impressions are everything aren’t they?

Taking hold of my awkward situation, I thought that video games could alleviate my mumbling. By practicing communication skills in a fake world, one could find the courage to talk to people. I would chat it up with the fire team leader, become fast friends, beat the game, and become Johnson, destroyer of darkness (muahaha). It was going to be glorious and my name would reverberate down the hallways. And then my plan went downhill when I still couldn’t talk to people.

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Press “I” for inventory

I am Johnson, and I am in the constant pursuit of sleep. This isn’t my first time writing a blog post, but this little message in a bottle is the first one sent out to literally hundreds out people I have never even seen before.

I started my blogging days back in September, it was our teacher’s idea to throw us all into these metaphorical seas infested with critics, weirdos, and potential fans all dressed up as sharks. “A great idea”, we shouted as we eagerly messaged each other on Facebook that night, “Brilliant”, we said as we opened up a new blog draft. And upon looking at the immense empty space that we had to fill in two hours before the submission closed, chaos ensued. New chats opened up everywhere on Facebook; all of which said the same thing, “inspire me dude”. Of course, if by inspiration they meant searching up pointless gifs on giphy, then I was their equally confused minstrels

The next day we sulked with our heads low, defeated. We became zombies for the day, only lifting our heads to give the occasional stink eye to the teacher. More homework? How nice. The situation quickly escalated when some of us opened up the dashboard to find one person viewed their posts. Those lucky few leaned back into their chairs, a little bit too satisfied with what they’ve brought into the world. While the rest of us stuck in the pit of writer’s block despaired over our apparent lack of artistic writing. Fun times

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Our Magical Mural

One month ago, we set out on a quest to paint a mural in the English office. The walls were barren; I thought they were a little sad. English teachers this cool* shouldn’t be living in this squalor. Plus, if that affects our grades then God help me I will paint the wall to death. Henry Thoreau once said

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

What he means is that the universe is subjected to our creativity, our wills. If you think that the world beats you down as a square peg into a circular hole—you’re wrong. The answer lies within ourselves. To change our own perspective about the world. It’s not literature that’s boring, it’s the words in between. We started this innovation project to change the world. Not just any one, but the ones our teachers present to us. Because if they are our guides into this unsteady world of man and his fallacies, why shouldn’t the journey be colorful?

A colorful journey

Photo ©2008 by Matt Niemi  (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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B.R.A.W.L. : The Video game

I started counting the minutes until the decisive battle. I steeled myself by holding my mechanical pencil more tightly than ever. Two minutes. The teacher had moved from the front of the room in front of dozens of students to his computer. Asking the first two teams to ready themselves. One minute. I looked over my shoulder to my debating partner, his eyes calm; mine were darting back and forth. 10 seconds.

B.R.A.W.L. had started and it was though the room was plunged into this unnerving silence.

As though this was the final battle in a video game.

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Writer’s Block: My Blogging Experience

There are eight days left between me and a new school year. Like each one for the past 10 years, it has always been a bitter sweet conclusion. On one hand, you finally get 3 months of rest. On the other, everything is essentially reshuffled as though high school was just a deck of cards. Just a simple stack of aces and jacks. But it’s not. We’d like to pretend it’s otherwise

I’m standing right now on the precipice of another new beginning. Metaphorically, it’s a long jump ahead of me. So, I need to look back. Right now. And determine whether or not I did enough this year.

People's posts

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Writing For A Better World

“All you have to do is write one truest sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know”.
I’ve learned of these words on my own courtesy of Buzzfeed. These words meant a lot for me as I struggled with writing. I can write an essay in a matter of hours. To the point of insanity of proof reading and spell check errors. But I never found satisfaction in doing something just for the grade. There’s more to writing than just words scribbled across a sheet of paper.

As the blog post from my friend suggests, sometimes we write about the world to learn about ourselves. That maybe the words used to describe the world in the most eloquent way are actually mirrors. Ones we hold in our hands as we come to understand the depth of our personalities.

Explore the World

Most people write to make money but I don’t. I write mainly for school because we have an assignment to write. Probably when i’m done with all the assignments I wouldn’t write every week anymore but i’ll always try to make time for writing in this busy world. Before my experience in writing for my English class I would have never thought about creating a blog and writing every week. Now I really like the experience and I think that it is extremely important to write!

Writing doesn’t just benefit others with the information you are going to share but more importantly it benefits the writer who learns from the experience, which is improving writing, communicating more with other people, researching new ideas and cultures, trying to find interesting topics, choice of words, staying on topic and a lot more. I believe that writers learn more than readers as they…

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Making it up as I go

There’s a little spark of inspiration that comes along in every conversation we have. It’s like a little light bulb that you look back at to understand what’s happening in the other person’s life. The flickering light within us might be empathy or a narcissist desire to just hear your own accomplishments. But personally, I think that every conversation isn’t just a one-on-one experience. The words we speak and the ones we hear are flying swords. All of which are flung back and forth between two friends in an attempt to hear each other out. And to find someone who understands in the confusion of reality.

Our society can be more easy, right? Please?

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The past keeps happening

Once again, I’m standing in front of the many vibrant childhood photos in my otherwise dull room. Like street lamps lining the still dark road to school, these pictures call back the smell of wood chips on my shirt and mud on my face. Of freshly cut grass on Monday as well as the gently used erasers rescued from the ground.  Sometimes, I wouldn’t mind living through that again. Just to experience warm days constantly. Other times, I’m glad that it’s over. I was never a devout fan of elementary school anyways.

To be honest, the past should just stay that way. But I guess not.

This is Scott Pilgrim, salt/scum of the earth.

Alone again

He has more ex-girlfriends than his dorky jacket suggests. He’s in his own teen angst rock band and dating a high schooler way over his league. Chinese ninja in snowy Toronto, Knives Chau.


She can give him a fresh start, no more teen drama from “like 4 years ago”. Until he finds Ramona Flowers, dangerous, mysterious. Really cool.


Scott gets to be with someone capable enough to hold the world off, which is pretty hot. But he has to fight her evil heartbroken exes to gain her love. If he wants a future with someone like Ramona, he needs to face the music. And the past. That works too.

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Faster than a bullet

Wham! Pop! Fizzle! Action! Romance! Villains! Read all about it.

Man gets bitten by a spider. That’s all

So what if, one day superheroes are just there. Right there. On the page as everyone reading it will just go, “Hmm. Fascinating”

We’re not too far off the mark. Superman may be God in a thong, but Batman is the caped crusader with no regard to the rules. Except murder. And killing off Robins. And the occasional fling with Catwoman. Oh

Whatever the case, the connotation with superheroes generally lie around bad-ass and courageous. The artists of these stories present us a world that we would like to live in, and letting our imagination fill the gap into reality. It’s pretty amazing until you realize what they’re doing; the artists are trapping us in our own desires.

Huh?Photo ©2008 by ~BostonBill~ [(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)]

Plot twist!

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Falling asleep on the history book

Come on, just one more sentence. Who was Rasputin? A medical–


Here I go again
Here I go again

…I’m up.- I’m up. I fell asleep again. I dozed off for ten minutes at max, but I’m awake now. Really. 

I really hoped to finish this assignment in one go, but I guess not anymore. It’s not physically nor emotionally possible anymore.

Why did my friend say history is like a storybook? It’s not even remotely close to being like Snow white or the big bad wolf.

Where’s the fairytale ending to this story?

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